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Our growth,
promoted by diversity

Many services, plenty of expertise -
a strong partner for your processes.

Our company is composed of specialized industrial service providers, inspiring, supporting and complementing each other. We form a strong collective network, spanning around the globe, always close to where our clients run their business.

Our daily work is characterized by the synergy of two supplementing cultures:
Profound knowledge of engineering science meets prompt pro-activity, global acting meets collegial thinking and versatile expertise meets one strong goal: Creating visible value for our clients. That’s what we work and strive for, reliably and with full commitment – jointly for your success.

Our people,
cooperating with synergies

Two cultures, one goal:
creating sustainable, economic value.

Originating from our headquaters in Michelstadt, Germany, our skilled staff will vigorously support you in 27 different locations, always ready to help you on site. In April 2015, the government of the State of Hesse labelled us “Enterprise of the Month” for our social commitment: “The active engagement of LY Holding’s employees is exemplary. They open up new vistas and a better future for young people using a lot of creativity.”

Our support stretches beyond our company’s borders where we frequently sponsor social facilities and promote sports and physical mobility. The LY Holding backs various regional clubs and is exceptionally committed to a local charity event called “Strahlemann Golf Cup”. Through integrating those informal, social values and intercultural collaboration in our daily work and life, we strengthen our corporation at its core, driving our service quality to the top.

Strong roots,
steady progress


Our record: From a small nucleus
to a global corporation.

1987 – Founding HKL
LY Holding’s history begins with the foundation of HKL, a company processing moulds used by Daimler and BMW. During the summer of 1987 the Lang and the Yüzer family decided to tackle the task as a team. The finalization process of moulds made of elastomeres set the gateway for our global corporation.

1987 – 1995 – Driven by strong start-ups
In a first period of expansion, the Staba GmbH in Bad König was acquired and another company was founded: The LKY Wartung- und Industrieservice GmbH, which specializes in industrial services of high quality. Following the establishment of LKY Kältetechnik in 1995, our growing company developed a significant expertise in dry ice as well as cleaning of industrial facilities and precision mechanics.

1995 – Establishing Lang & Yüzer Otomotiv A.S.
The new subcontractor deals with various rubber and metal processing commissions in the turkish town of Cerkezköy. Its service portfolio is, to a broad extend, identical with that of the HKL GmbH and LKY Kältetechnik und Dienstleistungs GmbH. Clients benefit from its proximity to Istanbul and can take advantage of the wage costs, particularly with regards to labour intensive parts.

1996 – 2001 – Further expansion
The acquisition of SKK GmbH marks our entry into packaging production and was complemented in the year 2000 by taking over SCHOLZ Werbende Verpackungen. It now also produces square transparent packages and other varieties of plastic packaging.

2001 – Intensifying relationships with the tire industry
LY corporate group takes over the production of tire curing bladders for a relevant European tire manufacturer. The participation in this process step ties our company stronger to the tire industry and nurtures our knowledge of the industrial maintenance and cleaning tasks required in this special branch.

2001 – 2014 – Creating space for innovation
LY holding concentrates all its administrative tasks on its headquaters in Michelstadt to realize valuable synergy effects for accounting and controlling. We start with our own dry ice production in Groß-Umstadt and are able to invest in robot technology and state-of-the-art cleaning technologies as a result of long-term service contracts. Subsequently, we developed and expanded our locations for mould management, building a world wide network of services.

2015 onwards – Optimal use of synergies
Since January 1st 2015 our corporate group acts as LY Holding GmbH. Each company remains its own entity, but through reasonable restructuring we are able to benefit more effectively from our different business areas’ synergies. This clear orientation is crucial to secure existing markets and keep growing in a healthy way.

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